My friends and I had a running gag, where you would get someone to say "what?", and then you'd say back real quick, "chicken butt!". One night we waz stoned and had a big talk about whether you could get Jesus to fall for the gag. Everyone agreed he wouldn't fall for it, but we weren't sure how he would get out of it. Some guys thought he would say "what?" and you'd look at him and just wouldn't be able to say "chicken butt". Others thought he would say something super-cool that would suck the wind out of you saying, "chicken butt", but couldn't decide exactly what he'd say. Anyhow, one of those deep talks you only have after smokin' the MJ.

Thanks, Anonymous! You know, I was thinking; Jesus seems like he's a pretty cool guy. Maybe he'd go ahead and purposely fall for it because he knew it would make you laugh.