Burning Questions

Mini Me

"What does Vern Troyer's poop look like?"

Good question, Dawg.

"What the fuck does 'pitchy' mean?"

Beats us, Anonymous.

Re: El Pollo Loco

"Do they really just serve the crazy ones?"

Good question, Willy.


Brain Food.

What if we could eat our own heads?

Submitted by: Anonymous

Well, Anon...We can. The trick is, you have to eat your mouth last.


What would happen if the Terminator met the little kid robot from the movie DARYL? Would he feel a fatherly connection, or would he just waste him?

Submitted by: Ickysticky13


My fork has four prongs. If it had five prongs, would it have been a fivek.

Submitted by: Barney

Sticky Situation

I work in a building in Manhattan, and there always seems to be gum
stuck everywhere - people finish chewing their gum and they jam it
where ever they can find a crack. When I saw the movie "I Am Legend" I
thought it would be funny if the buildings all collapsed except for my
building because all the gum is holding it up.

Does gum decompose? Or is it like sap, where they find prehistoric
mosquitos frozen in chunks of it thousands of years later. If it is,
does that mean something like Jurassic Park can happen thousands of
years from now, where some race of creatures will clone me from dna
found in a wad of my spit in an old piece of gum?

Submitted by: Anonymous


My friends and I had a running gag, where you would get someone to say "what?", and then you'd say back real quick, "chicken butt!". One night we waz stoned and had a big talk about whether you could get Jesus to fall for the gag. Everyone agreed he wouldn't fall for it, but we weren't sure how he would get out of it. Some guys thought he would say "what?" and you'd look at him and just wouldn't be able to say "chicken butt". Others thought he would say something super-cool that would suck the wind out of you saying, "chicken butt", but couldn't decide exactly what he'd say. Anyhow, one of those deep talks you only have after smokin' the MJ.

Thanks, Anonymous! You know, I was thinking; Jesus seems like he's a pretty cool guy. Maybe he'd go ahead and purposely fall for it because he knew it would make you laugh.

We're gonna go with "yes".

Has anyone's face every really gotten "stuck like that"?

Submitted by: EV

Hillary Clinton

You mean he doesn't???

"Do you ever wonder what the show Numb3rs would be like if Charlie Epps smoked pot?"

Thanks, Ninjalo!

Meow Meow

What if a guy was raised somewhere where he never saw any kind of animals, only humans. What if he then saw a cat? Would he perceive the cat as a weird, tiny, hairy mutant human?

Submitted by: Anonymous

Butterfly vs. Moth

Butterflies and Moths are so similar, you have to figure that they evolved from some common ancestor way back in time. My friends and I were arguing whether the ancestor lived during the day or night. In other words, is a butterfly a moth that learned to live during the day? Or is a moth a butterfly that learned to live at night?

Submitted by: Anonymous

S'more Evil

Do fire demons roast marshmallows on each other?

Submitted by: Anonymous


Does a baleen whale know when it's eating plankton?

Submitted by: JK


I read an article that said people feel like a song is a “slow song” or a “fast song” depending on how the beat of the song compares to their heart beat. Then I read someplace else that the hearts of hummingbirds beat at something like 1000 times a minute. So does that mean that all of our music sounds slow to a hummingbird?

Submitted by: Poki