Stone Bummers


I was just about to send you a Pot Thought. But by the time I got here, I forgot what I was going to write.

(Thanks, Adam!)

One the bright side, they're dead :D

The problem with getting old: by the time you're old enough to get revenge on that gray-haired asshole teacher from junior high, they're already dead. : (

Submitted by: Anonymous


i was stoned and watching tv, and this commercial was on for wendys with this asshole wearing a red wendy wig. I realized at that moment, holy shit, dave thomas really is dead

Submitted by: smokabowl420 (This one made us laugh out loud...then we were like, "Oh man, that's so sad."..then we laughed out loud some more.)


What if in the future all real trees are eventually replaced by those cell phone towers that are disguised to look like trees?

Submitted by: Poki