PotThought.Com Is Live

Pot Thought is on-line...and it only took 2 years! (Hey, we were busy).

We have widened the scope of our Pot Thought project to include the people of the internets. We invite you to share your Pot Thoughts and any related prose, poetry, photos, artwork, etc. (For more info, click the "Pot Thought Explained" link)

In the interest of making this a more fun and enriching experience, we’re going to include some other content in the near future that you might find interesting. 420 Minutes will be a forum for important cannabis-related scientific and cultural issues, such as medical usage, decriminalization and “Who on TV is Totally High?” (I’m looking at you, Best Week Ever’s Doug Benson). Ask A Stoner will be a place where you may pose any question you wish to our panel of pothead pundits. In Sensinema we will share with you some of favorite things to watch in an altered state. We’ll also have a to some Links to sites that are useful and funny, whether you’re high or not (but really, visit them while you’re high).