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Pot Thought Explained

About PotThought.Com is a way to preserve and share the fleeting and fascinating delight of the Pot Thought. It represents an on-going collection of musings, humor, philosophies, notions, poetry, artwork and “What Ifs” that developed in the THC-influenced brain. While it exists mostly for the purpose of cracking ourselves up, we sincerely believe that if we could stop laughing for a few minutes, we could pick up a lot of social, cultural and scientific insight along the way. In that respect, we sincerely consider to be a collective cultural, creative and scientific project.

In the interest of making this a more fun and enriching experience, we’re going to include some other content that you might find interesting. 420 Minutes will be a forum for important cannabis-related scientific and cultural issues, such as medical usage, decriminalization and “Who on TV is Totally High?” (I’m looking at you, Best Week Ever’s Doug Benson). Ask A Stoner will be a place where you may pose any question you wish to our panel of pothead pundits. In Sensinema we will share with you some of favorite things to watch in an altered state. We’ll also have a to some Links to sites that are useful and funny, whether you’re high or not (but really, visit them while you’re high).

We welcome and thank you for your participation in Our Pot Thought collection is an on-going work in progress that will go on as long as people contribute. If you would like to submit your own Pot Thought, please click the Share A Pot Thought link.

What is a "Pot Thought"?

Back in college, my now-husband and I used to get high. Inevitably, one of us would send the other into peels of laughter and/or deep thought by sharing some idea or insight that would bubble up in our smoke-cured brains. Eventually, we came to call these “Pot Thoughts” (as in “Check it out, I just had a pot thought…”). These were so funny and interesting to us that we began to write them down. We became fascinated with what we call the Pot Thought Paradox; while marijuana seemed to slow down our thinking, it also seemed to make it more complex. While we might totally miss the obvious things in front of our face, details and big picture understandings of the world came into razor sharp focus. While linear thinking was disrupted, our outside-the-system, freeform thinking was dramatically enhanced. We found this to be very engaging (and hilarious) and thus set about recording our Pot Thoughts for posterity.

Pot Thought has existed in written form for about 10 years (mostly on post-it notes and on the backs of envelopes). In 2006, we began collecting PT’s from our friends and acquaintances and compiling them in a more organized fashion. We always knew were eventually going to widen the scope of the project and put it in convenient internet form. Hence,

You can probably figure out exactly what a Pot Though is just by looking at some of the blog entries. Broadly stated, a Pot Thought is what happens when you think of something while you’re high. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know when you’ve had one--and if you’ve smoked pot, you’ve totally had one! A
Pot Thought is an insight or concept that a sober you might not have consciously processed. It could be a brilliant epiphany or just a funny-ass thought. It could be a thrilling, devastating or comedic instant where the truth of a thing reveals itself to you. It could be a moment where details and connections come sharply into focus and you notice things you can’t believe you’ve never noticed or thought about before. It can be a mental image, a solution, a phrase or an idea. If say something when you’re high that makes the people you’re with say, “Whoah!!!!” or break into uncontrollable laughter, you’ve just had a Pot Thought.

While the consumption of marijuana is controversial, we can all agree that it alters our perception of the world around us. Whether one accepts this as “seeing the world with new eyes” or simply “distortion” is a matter of opinion. Nonetheless, we maintain that the neurological and social implications of Pot Thoughts are worthy of attention and study.